Word of the Day – Sapient

Sapient adjective SAY-pee-unt What It Means Sapient is a formal word that means “possessing or expressing great wisdom.” // She was grateful to have in her mentor an ever-reliable source of sapient career advice. See the entry > SAPIENT In Context “Many wise and sapient social historians have written on the American cult, and invention, of the weekend. It was only … Continue reading Word of the Day – Sapient

Word of the Day – Hobbyhorse

Hobbyhorse noun HAH-bee-horss What It Means Hobbyhorse usually refers to a topic that someone dwells on, returning to again and again, especially in conversation. // The so-called “Curse of the Bambino” was a favorite hobbyhorse of my Red Sox-loving grandfather until the team finally won the World Series in 2004. See the entry > HOBBYHORSE In Context “In the … Continue reading Word of the Day – Hobbyhorse