Black History Month

Black History Month UK has been celebrated in October each year since 1987. The aims of Black History Month are to celebrate the heritage, culture, contributions and achievements of people from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities in the UK, and throughout the world. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter campaign, Black History Month UK … Continue reading Black History Month

Word of The Day – Non Sequitur

Word of the Day : January 20, 2022 Non Sequitur noun NAHN-SEK-wuh-ter What It Means A non sequitur is a statement that either does not logically follow from or is not clearly related to what was previously said. // The host's non sequitur about the award recipient's unconventional dress did not go unnoticed by her fans on social media. See … Continue reading Word of The Day – Non Sequitur

Word of the Day – Debilitating

Word of the Day : January 19, 2022 Debilitating adjective dih-BILL-uh-tay-ting What It Means Debilitating means "causing serious impairment of strength or ability to function." // The flu can be debilitating for several days. See the entry > DEBILITATING in Context "Smartphone addiction is a real thing, and it can be really debilitating. This rings even more true in the … Continue reading Word of the Day – Debilitating

Word of The Day – Winsome

Word of the Day : January 18, 2022 Winsome adjective WIN-sum What It Means Winsome means "pleasing or cheerful." // The interviewers all remarked on the candidate's winsome personality, which made her stand out among the other qualified job applicants. See the entry > Winsome in Context "Among the fabled activists who risked their lives and transformed those of … Continue reading Word of The Day – Winsome