January 2012 Exams and use of the Learning Centre

During the whole of the exam period, examinations will be taking place in the Learning Centre.

Please be aware of the following in support of fellow students:

  • Up to 6 rooms on the first floor will be in use by Learning Support colleagues, providing exam support for individual students.
  • In general, the spaces outside of, or near to the 6 rooms will also not be available.
  • This is to try and ensure noise is kept to a minimum whilst students are completing their exam papers.
  • Look for signs on nearby furniture to indicate the areas.

Please note :

  • There is study seating available on other floors of the Centre and the majority of formal study seats in the unavailable areas have been relocated to alternative positions.
  • There is a silent study room on the first floor of the Centre.
  • Quiet working should be observed in all open areas of the Learning Centre, also when entering or exiting all areas.

If you have any queries, please speak to first floor helpdesk staff in the Learning Centre or to Learning Support staff also based on the first floor.

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