World Mental Health Day

Saturday 10th October 2020

The theme for World Mental Health day 2020 is ‘Mental
health for all’

The drastic lockdown measures, imposed to reduce the
transmission of Covid-19, meant the enforcement of
physical isolation and distancing became a new way of life,
disrupting natural social interactions and increasing mental distress.

World Mental Health Day 10th October 2020 display

Looking after your mental health and well being whilst staying at home 

Plan your day 

Move every day Try a relaxation technique 

Connect with others 

Take time to reflect 

Improve your sleep 

Plan your day 

Start your day roughly the same time you usually would, a  

regular routine is essential for our identity, self confidence and  


Although it might be tempting, don’t stay in pyjamas all day. 

Connect with others

Staying at home can feel lonely.
Keep in touch with friends, family and others, to help
you (and them) feel more connected and supported. health day