Word of the Day – Dedication

Word of the Day : September 26, 2021


noun ded-ih-KAY-shun

What It Means

Dedication means “devotion or loyalty to a person or cause.”

// With great dedication, the scientists worked to perfect the vaccine.

// At his retirement party, his boss said a few words about Tom’s dedication and commitment to the company.

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“President Steven Eggland, PhD, named the foundation in honor of his Norwegian immigrant heritage and the family’s longtime dedication to charitable acts and modest philanthropy.” — The Lincoln (Nebraska) Journal Star, 26 Aug. 2021

Did You Know?

Dedication goes back to the 14th century in which it referred to the solemn act of dedicating something, such as a calendar day or a church, to a deity or to a sacred use. Centuries later, it came to be used for the act of devoting time and energy to a particular purpose. Nowadays, dedication commonly indicates the quality of being loyal or devoted to a cause, ideal, or purpose.