Word of the Day – Restaurateur

Word of the Day : October 11, 2021


noun res-tuh-ruh-TER

What it Means

restaurateur is a person who owns or manages a restaurant.

// The restaurateur has created an exquisite menu to match the elegantly renovated dining room.

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“Savvy restaurateurs have been turning to milkshakes to create buzz for their brands in recent years thanks to the visual nature of maxed-out milkshakes … with their over-the-top flavors laden with indulgent toppings like churros, whole cake slices and ice cream bars.” — The Nation’s Restaurant News, 20 Aug. 2021

Did You Know?

Restaurateur and restaurant are French words from Latin restaurare, meaning “to restore.” Of the two words, restaurant is more common—a fact that may have influenced the development of the variant spelling restauranteur for restaurateur. Some people consider restauranteur to be an error, but it is still on the menu as an acceptable word choice.