Word of the Day – Nomenclature

Word of the Day : October 19, 2021


noun NOH-mun-klay-cher

What It Means

Nomenclature can mean “name,” but it is most often used for a system of names or naming for things especially in science.

// Starting a new job or entering a new field of study means becoming familiar with the nomenclature.

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“Conkles Hollow, located less than two miles north of … the state park visitors’ center, isn’t technically part of the park…. But the nomenclature means little for visitors, who will find … myriad waterfalls along Conkle Hollow’s two hiking trails.” — Steve Stephens, The Lancaster (Ohio) Eagle Gazette, 19 Sept. 2021

Did You Know?

Nomenclature comes from a Latin word meaning “the assigning of names.” English’s name and noun is rooted in the Latinate nomen.