Word of the Day – Edify

Word of the Day : November 12, 2021


verb ED-uh-fye

What It Means

Edify means “to uplift, enlighten, or inform.”

// The speaker’s words edified the graduating class, giving them hope and encouragement.

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“This is our first theatrical performance where our theatre is now complete. Young audience members will be edified by being around lots of amazing women’s stories, and the old ones will be reminded of the progress that we have made.” — Cate Belleveau, quoted in The Bemidji (Minnesota) Pioneer, 29 Sept. 2021

Did You Know?

Edify comes from the Latin verb aedificare, meaning “to instruct or improve spiritually”; it is based on aedes, the word for “temple.” Edify shares the spiritual meaning of its Latin root, but it is also used in general contexts to refer to the act of instructing in a way that improves the mind or character overall.