Word of the Day – Enclave

Word of the Day : November 23, 2021


noun EN-klayv

What It Means

An enclave is an area inhabited by people who are different in some way from the people in the surrounding areas.

// The district includes an enclave in which students of the university reside.

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“Harlem … was rapidly evolving; once a rural, village-like enclave for rich English, Dutch and French families, it had become desirable among city elites.” — Sandra E. Garcia, The New York Times, 27 Oct. 2021

Enclave comes from French enclaver, meaning “to enclose,” which itself is based on the Latin noun clavis, meaning “key.” Clavis opened the door to a few other English words, some of which might seem unlikely relatives of enclave. For example, clavicle, the word for the bone that joins the breastbone and the shoulder blade, and the musical sign clef.