Word of the Day – Hoity – toity

Word of the Day : November 30, 2021

Hoity – toity

adjective hoy-tee-TOY-tee

What it Means

Hoity-toity means “pretentiousfancy, or pompous.”

// The guidance counselor emphasized that students do not need to go to a hoity-toity college to achieve success.   

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“[Daniel Heider] says his post-high-school years were difficult. … ‘I felt like I was at a disadvantage because everybody in DC is interning with a great congressman or is going to law school or is going to med school, and everybody’s super hoity-toity and super important….'” — The Washingtonian, April 2021

Did You Know?

Hoity-toity is believed to have been created as a rhyme based on the dialectal English word hoit, meaning “to play the fool.” Hoity-toity can mean “foolish” (e.g., “… as though it were very hoity-toity of me not to know that royal personage.” — W. Somerset MaughamThe Razor’s Edge), but it is most often used to mean “pretentious.”