Word of The Day

Word of the Day : January 10, 2022


adjective AF-uh-bul

What It Means

Affable means “being pleasant and at ease in talking to others” or “characterized by ease and friendliness.”

// The affable owner of the restaurant can be seen most nights welcoming his guests and making light conversation.

// In the hallways, the principal has an affable demeanor; however, when called to her office, students know she is all about business.

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“… Perkatory, the coffee shop founded by her late mother in Devil’s Beach’s quaint business district, … is located in a building owned by Lana’s dad, Peter, an affable hippie and the island’s leading purveyor of gossip.” — Colette Bancroft, The Tampa Bay Times, 29 Nov. 2021

Did You Know?

Affable comes from Latin affārī, meaning “to speak to.” Other fārī relatives—the word itself means “to speak”—are infantfable, and fate, among others.