Word of the Day – Intemperate

Word of the Day : January 24, 2022


adjective in-TEM-puh-rut

What It Means

Intemperate means “having extreme conditions” or “having or showing a lack of emotional calmness or control.”

// The plant is able to survive in intemperate climates.

// The journalist apologized for her intemperate rant against the mayor.

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“It is probably useful … for us to let our ideas flow with intemperate fervor on topics about which we care passionately.” — Jim Slusher, The Chicago Daily Herald, 2 Sept. 2021

Did You Know?

Intemperate means “not well tempered“—in other words, not well mixed or balanced. The word comes from Latin intemperatus, a combination of in- and the verb temperare, meaning “to temper” or “to mix.”