Word of the Day -Admonish

Word of the Day : February 7, 2022


verb ad-MAH-nish

What It Means

Admonish means “to express warning or disapproval to (someone) especially in a gentle or earnest manner.”

// The reporter was admonished by the senator after he interrupted her a second time.

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ADMONISH in Context

“This Lady Macbeth is fiercely loving and loyal, protective of her husband even (especially) in his moments of weakness, and apt to admonish him in that no-nonsense, commonsensical tone that [Frances McDormand] nails better than just about any actor.” — Justin Chang, The Los Angeles Times, 24 Dec. 2021

Did You Know?

Admonish is believed to come from the Latin verb admonēre, meaning “to give a reminder or advice to” or “to caution.” The root monēre means “to warn.”