Word of the Day – Orientate

Word of the Day : May 9, 2022


verb OR-ee-un-tayt

What It Means

Orientate means “to set in a definite position,” “to acquaint with an existing situation or environment,” or “to direct toward the interests of a particular group.”

// The spot of the planting of the tree is intended to orientate it to get full sun.

// The first stage of the video game allows players to orientate themselves in the virtual world and become accustomed to the game controls.

// The program is intended to orientate students toward a career in medicine.

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ORIENTATE in Context

“Everything is walkable…. We were not far from the main Skanderbeg Square, so it was easy to orientate ourselves.” — Suzanne Moore, The Daily Telegraph (London), 9 Apr. 2022

Did You Know?

Orientate is a synonym of orient. Both can mean “to cause to face toward the east.” The proper noun Orient refers to “the East.” The verbs, however, have broader meanings that relate to setting or determining direction or position, either literally or figuratively. Orientate tends to be used more often in British English than it is in American English.