Black History Month

Black History Month UK has been celebrated in October each year since 1987. The aims of Black History Month are to celebrate the heritage, culture, contributions and achievements of people from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities in the UK, and throughout the world. Inspired by the Black Lives Matter campaign, Black History Month UK … Continue reading Black History Month

Word of the Day – Archipelago

Word of the Day : May 7, 2021 Archipelago noun ahr-kuh-PEL-uh-goh Definition 1 : an expanse of water with many scattered islands 2 : a group of islands 3 : something resembling an archipelago; especially : a group or scattering of similar things Did you know? The Greeks called it the Aegean Pelagos and the Italians referred to it as Arcipelago (meaning "chief sea"), but English … Continue reading Word of the Day – Archipelago

Word of the Day – Dross

Dross noun DRAHSS Definition 1 : the scum or unwanted material that forms on the surface of molten metal 2 : waste or foreign matter : impurity 3 : something that is base, trivial, or inferior Did you know? Dross has been a part of the English language since Anglo-Saxon times. It comes from the Old English word drōs, meaning "dregs," those solid materials that fall … Continue reading Word of the Day – Dross