The note

By Zoe Folbigg Based on a true story of love at first sight.  Maya Flowers commutes by train, every day, to her city job in the fashion industry. One day a new commuter board. Maya is instantly smitten by the man she refers to as ‘train man.’  Maya daydreams about the life she could have with ‘train man’ if only she could … Continue reading The note

Word of the day – gest

Word of the Day : June 8, 2020 gest noun JEST Definition 1 : a tale of adventures; especially : a romance in verse 2 : adventure, exploit Did you know? "Let the Queen know of our gests," Antony instructs his men after a hard-won victory on the battlefield in William Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra. Great deeds and heroic acts have been the stuff of … Continue reading Word of the day – gest