DVD Review

We have another review for you this week, this time from our Library AssistantPrometheus Julie Garner who has reviewed the recently released DVD ‘Prometheus’.

“If you enjoyed watching Alien, then Prometheus is the film for you! Two scientists, Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway discover ancient cave paintings that may point to the origin of mankind. They then become involved in a project to find our creators or ‘the engineer of human life’. Prometheus is a space ship sponsored by Weyland industries with the motivation to find the secret of existence.  On a remote moon LV-223, they discover an alien space ship and life forms that are less than friendly (Prometheus is not for the squeamish!)

I particularly enjoyed the performance by Michael Fassbender as the android David, whose role as a servant is far more involved and sinister than first appears. Prometheus does raise more questions than it answers which points towards a sequel. I would recommend it!

Prometheus is available now in the Learning Centre.

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