PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics Quiz

The Library Service would like to congratulate student Eleanor the winner of our recent quiz on the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games. As there were several correct entries, a draw was held to find the winner!

The 'Pyeong Chang 2018 Winter Olympics Quiz' winner being presented with her prize by Jim Temple the Library Manager.

The prize was ‘A geek in Korea: discovering Asia’s new kingdom of cool​’, which is all about Korean culture – the Games were being held in Korea. Eleanor also received an Amazon voucher.



Triple world champion Elise Christie will compete in Pyeongchang. How thick are the blades she skates on?

a) 5 cm         b) 1 mm

c) 5 mm        d) 1 cm

Which winter sport is nicknamed ‘the roaring game’?

a) Figure Skating      b) Curling

c) Biathlon                 d) Bobsleigh

How many London buses would the longest ever competitive ski jump cover?

a) 4          b) 40

c) 11         d) 23

How much prize money has 11-time biathlon world champion Martin Fourcade won?

a) There is no prize money           b)  £200,000

c) £850,000           d)  £1.3m

Which of these winter sports was originally contested at the Summer Olympics?

a) Speed Skating           b) Figure Skating

c) Skeleton           d) Bobsleigh

What was the highest speed reached by the winning four-man bobsleigh at this year’s World Championships?

a) 58 mph             b) 78 mph

c) 116 mph           d) 31 mph

Look out for our next Learning Centre Competition…Fabulous prizes to be won!