Take the Reading Challenge

Teresa Turnbull, Assitant Librarian, is leading a Reading Challenge, encouraging the College community to either get back into the habit of reading regularly for pleasure, or to try something different, a different genre, when they read.

A photograph of the 'Reading Challenge Board Game'. A Monopoly style board containing cards for 'Read a New Quick Read' and 'Read a Reviewed Book'. The aim of the game is to help readers to choose a book from a genre they may not have thought to try before.
The Reading Challenge board game

To encourage readers who take the Reading Challenge to try something different Teresa has added a board game element to the challenge. When readers sign up to the Reading Challenge they will be allocated a ‘player’ number and a token. To begin the challenge the ‘player’ will throw a dice and make their way around a game board. Whichever square their token lands on will suggest the genre of book they should read. If the ‘player’ isn’t happy with the genre they have landed on they do have the choice of taking either a ‘Read a new Quick Read’ card or a ‘Read a reviewed book’ card, which will suggest a specific book title to them.

Teresa is also inviting challenge members to write reviews for books they have read in order to recommend them to other readers. One review will be chosen each month and the lucky person responsible for that review will win a prize! Last year, in our ‘Read 12 in 2017’ reading challenge, Imogen Arden Jones was the first winner for her review of ‘Fragile Lives’ by Stephen Westaby.

The Reading Challenge will begin on Monday 12th March, although you may sign up from today, so why not come along to the first floor of the Learning Centre and join in.