St Thomas Aquinas

28th January is Saint Thomas Aquinas day. Have you ever wondered why our college is named after this patron saint? St Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of scholars.

The son of a Count, brought up in castle, he went against the aspirations of his family, who wanted him to be an abbot. He joined a more lowly order of Benedictine monks.

The Library's 'Saint Thomas Aquinas' display. Including information about Saint Thomas Aquinas, after whom the College is named.

Saint Thomas Aquinas was nicknamed the ‘Dumb Ox’ by fellow students at University, not because he was lacking inintelligence because he was large, and seldom spoke.

St Thomas had bad hand writing, his mind worked faster than his hand.  He used to dictate to up to 3 secretaries at one time, producing around 4,000 words a day!

“According to St. Thomas Aquinas, man is more than an individual with individual rights, he is a person with personal duties toward God, himself, and his fellow man. As a person, man cannot serve God without serving the common good.”
 Peter Maurin, author of Easy Essays.