The Murmur of Bees by Sofia Segovia (translated by Simon Bruni)

Book cover of 'The murmur of bees'

The murmur of bees

by Sofia Segovia (translated by Simon Bruni)

The author of this book confesses that although inspired by the true story and historical events in a citrus growing town in Mexico, she enjoyed the freedom of artistic licence. This is her first novel to be translated into english.

An elderly wet nurse finds a baby abandoned under a bridge and blanketed by bees. He is facially deformed and some superstitious folk believed, kissed by the devil. He is welcomed and treated as their own by the Morales, a family of landowners growing sugar cane. 

Simonopio growing up is followed, wherever he goes, by his protective swarm of bees and has an uncanny gift of being able to sense the future.

The story winds through the Mexican revolution and Spanish influenza and its impact on this town and its people, fighting for survival.

Central to the story is his love and affinity for his adoptive brother and family as they face and adapt to changing circumstances.

This is a story of acceptance, love and tragedy.

The murmur of bees has translated well from its native Spanish and one that I would thoroughly recommend 

you read.