Marc Almond: the Last Star – by Jeremy Reed

Reed has written a very sympathetic biography of Soft Cell’s front man Marc Almond, although it follows him musically rather than his personal life story. His love of Almond, his music and lyrics shine all the way through what I thought to be a rather wordy book. I admit the structure and writing was not to my taste. I found it to be an overlong arduous book, though it does provide an in-depth insight into Marc Almond’s career, songs, failures and successes.

Book cover Marc Almond : The last star

I would have liked a lot more on the man himself. A very talented singer/songwriter who has evolved to find his own cult niche with his unique voice and sometimes shocking lyrics.

Jeremy Reed himself is a published poet and has collaborated with Marc performing  together at the National Gallery. 

I’ll end this review with what I consider to be a great quote from the book.

 “Leave a Marc Almond concert and you want to swallow a red rose.”