A life half lived: a true story of love, addiction, tragedy and hope.

By Darryl Rodgers

A sad book following the short life of Chase Rodgers from childhood to his death in a car crash at twenty.

Book cover for 'A life half lived' by Darryl Rodgers

Chase was a popular child, always on the go and a star sportsman, his peers nicknamed him ‘Speedy’. Growing up he made some bad choices, including getting involved with drugs. His family constantly tried to help steer him onto the right path.

Ultimately a decision to let a friend drive his car ended in the tragic loss of his life. 

This book is bravely written by his rather dominant father. He admits to snooping and at times being overbearing and controlling, but obviously always wishing the best for his much loved son.

The book shows just how easy it can be to get involved with drugs and the wrong friends.