Creatures of Appetite

By Todd Travis

The series introduces Jacob Thorne, a very prickly, outspoken FBI profiler. He does not ‘suffer fools gladly’, so when Emma Kane is teamed up with him she has to stand firm against his abrasive, bullying ways.

A killer nicknamed ‘The Iceman’ is targeting little girls. The killer seems to have a good understanding of forensics and Kane and Thorne don’t have very much to go on. Then it begins to get personal.

I enjoyed how the book was written, although there is plenty of bad language. It’s pacy and I liked the characters and the relationship between Kane and Thorne. I will be interested to read the next in the series ‘Trophies’ to see how and if they continue together.

I thought this was an excellent story, I was hooked from the first page, it’s clever and what a great ending!

 To be continued…