Stranger Child

By Rachel Abbott

Late one night, on the way home, Caroline Joseph’s car veers off the road into a ditch killing her. When police attend the scene there is no trace of her six year old daughter, Tasha, who was strapped into the back seat.

Book cover for 'Stranger child' by Rachel  Abbott

Six years later, Tasha’s dad has remarried, living a new life with his wife Emma and baby son Ollie. One day a 12 year old girl walks into their home, and their lives, saying she is Tasha.

Emma wants to know what happened in the missing six years. Tasha’s dad is just pleased to have her home. What really happened that night and afterwards? Why does Emma feel scared for herself and her son?

Emma reaches out to an old friend DCI Tom Douglas, putting all their lives in danger. This story reveals a tangled web of deceit and shocks for both Emma and Tom.

This is a great, well written story with believable characters, leaving you wanting to read more Rachel Abbott  books.