The Girl Lost at Sea

By Jen Paul

Book cover for 'The girl lost at sea' by Jen Paul

The first in a series that explores undiagnosed health awareness issues in a fictional setting.

The story is set around Nice, on the French Riviera, before the days of the Roman Empire. It’s a love story about Euan Grant, a ship’s captain, and Ella La Rosa, a woman with a mysterious past who he meets at sea. Their happiness is threatened by a raider, Leif Grave, who is on a mission to find or steal a wife.

I found this novella hugely disappointing and am not really sure what else I can say. As I didn’t enjoy the book, for me, its only redeeming feature was that it’s a very short story.

Many reviews call it riveting and captivating. Maybe I’ve missed something!

I personally won’t be reading any more of the series, it just didn’t grab me at all.