Freeze Frame

By Peter May

Set on the tiny island of Ile de Groix, off the coast of Brittany this Enzo Macleod investigator novel indulges those interested in solving puzzles. 

It is a well devised plot, with plenty of human interest. Why would anyone want to kill an already dying man? 

Book cover 'Freeze frame' by Peter May

The dead man left plenty of clues in his study, which has remained undisturbed since the crime. The clues were left specifically for his son Peter to read and solve. Sadly Peter was involved in an accident and never got the chance. Enter Enzo Macleod twenty-five years later, a forensic scientist, fond of solving cold cases. Everyone on the small island seems to know each other’s business; and who they think committed the crime. 

There are lots of clues if you know how to read them, and Enzo gets thoroughly involved with the who, and the why, whilst putting himself in harm’s way more than once.