By Todd Travis

This third in the series novel, by Todd Travis, takes us back to the start of the two FBI profilers, Jacob Thorne and Emma Kane; and how they became their unique selves. 

Where did the school bus disappear along with its young passengers in 1989? It drove into a tunnel but did not drive out. There were witnesses, but it is vanished, and everyone panics. Along comes 24-year-old college dropout Jacob Thorne. He is enlisted by the mysterious Kimberly Stevens, an FBI profiler, initially to help track down Jacobs’ missing father. Jacob helps solve both disappearances.

Book cover 'Talents' by Todd Travis

Emma Kane is, in 2004, a young DC homicide detective suffering from PTSD. She is sent along to Roanoke, Virginia, where three people have been brutally murdered. The problem she must solve is what happened as two of the victims are in a sealed panic room, locked from the inside. There is only a single hair found as evidence, but that belongs to a suspect that has been dead for three months. 

Both she and Jacob have the talent it takes for solving puzzling crimes. 

I loved finding out the backstory of these two very larger than life characters. The book leads nicely on to the fourth in the series, The Hail Mary, which awaits my attention…