Sex, Marry, Kill.

By Todd Travis 

After a chance meeting with the flamboyant Mr Herman five teen misfits are invited to join an online game. They find that they can change their lives, and the lives of those that have wronged them, with the three options the game offers. The options are sex, marry or kill. 

Book cover 'Sex, marry, kill' by Todd Travis

The game begins to have a strange hold over them. It changes the way they look and dress and their personalities, but do they want to pay the price? As they are drawn deeper into the game it starts to consume their thoughts and lives. Then the stakes get higher and more dangerous and the five begin to turn against each other. They must find a way to destroy the game before it destroys them. 

The character traits of each high school misfit are perfectly portrayed in this dark tale. This book takes a very different path from the author’s Jacob Thorne (FBI profiler) series. Fans of horror, revenge, and Stephen King will love this story as it twists into its supernatural conclusion.