The Key

By Simon Toyne

A conspiracy thriller involving the church and ancient artifacts. This is the second in this series, but not having read the first it did not detract from this excellent novel. 

Book cover 'The key' by Simon Toyne

It is set in the ancient city of Ruin in Turkey, where the Citadel stands. Its brotherhood holding its secrets of the Sacrament possessively. 

American journalist Liv Adamsen wakes up in an isolation ward with scant memory of how she got there. She remembers she entered the Citadel, but only recalls darkness. 

She feels a strange internal whispering telling her she is the key, and now the most important person in the world. 

The Citadel now seems to be under the curse of a terrible plague and only the return of the Sacrament, which Liv released, will save the brotherhood. Liv’s survival also seems to threaten the future of the Catholic Church in Rome. Some want her dead, some want her incarcerated back in the Citadel, and some want her to be the saviour of mankind. Which of these warring factions will win? 

This is a fast-paced, cat and mouse chase of a book, with heart thumping action leaping from the oppressive desert heat to the echoing corridors in the Vatican City.