Haven’t They Grown

By Sophie Hannah

I have been a fan of Sophie Hannah’s since ‘Little Face’. The plot to this one did not disappoint! Although it did not seem as dark as some of her earlier work. 

Twelve years after they became estranged Beth decides to see the house that her former best friend moved to. She parks opposite the gated house on a private road and waits to catch a glimpse of Flora. 

She watches as a car approaches and enters through the gates. Her friend gets out, calling to her children, Thomas and Emily, as they too exit the car. Out steps five-year-old Thomas and then the younger Emily, but why are the kids the same age as when the two friends parted? Thomas should be seventeen and Emily fifteen, something is very wrong. And what about the baby, Georgina? 

Beth cannot let it drop; she must find out what is going on. Beth seems to be the only one who thinks something untoward is going on until she finds an unlikely ally in her daughter Zannah. 

A very good read.