Where the Forest Meets the Stars

By Glendy Vanderah

A young girl turns up at the cabin that Joanna Teale is renting, while involved in her graduate research on nesting birds. Joanna has recently lost her mother and is herself a survivor of cancer. Joanna cuts a solitary figure, throwing herself into her work from dawn till dusk. The young girl is barefoot and covered in bruises. She tells Joanna her name is Ursa and she has been sent to earth from the stars to witness five miracles before she must return to her star home. 

Jo is concerned about the girl’s welfare and very reluctantly agrees to let her stay until she can work out how best she can deal with the situation. 

Book Cover for 'Where the Forest Meets the Stars' by Glendy Vanderah

The reclusive Gabriel Nash lives in the neighbouring property and Joanna enlists his help in solving who Ursa is and where she appeared from. Ursa seems to be above average intelligence for an eight-year-old, yet consistently sticks to the fact she is an alien and whilst good people are around her good things will happen. 

Gabe and Jo check the missing children’s websites daily but there are no reports that match Ursa. The three of them form a strange but strong bond and as Ursa nears her fifth miracle, her mysterious past draws closer. When the past does catch up, it affects all three of them putting them in an extremely dangerous situation. 

 Essentially it is a novel about love and loss, trust, and hope. 

This book is delightful and has a real feel good factor to it. It is beautifully written with great characters that you will be cheering on from the sidelines.