The Kurim Case

By Ryan Green

In 2007, in a small town in the Czech Republic, a disturbing image was seen on a baby monitor. When the police became involved, they discovered evidence that shocked the country. The ensuing investigation uncovered a case of mutilation, confinement, brutality, and cannibalism.

Book cover for 'The Kurim Case' by Ryan Green

The two young brothers, nine and seven, had suffered all of this at the hands of several people, but foremost their mother and aunt. Added into this horrific mix was the disappearance of a young girl and her concealed identity. The young girl staying with them was not who she claimed to be, nor was she young. 

There were many allegations, one being that they were a secret cult. 

This is another Ryan Green true crime account; he pens short but intriguing books about the unbelievable acts people have committed. It will leave you wanting to discover more.