Word of the Day – Ostracize

Word of the Day : December 7, 2021


verb AH-struh-syze

What It Means

Ostracize means “to exclude from a group by common consent.”

// The Senator knew that he might be ostracized by his party, but he voted with his heart and against the party line, nevertheless.

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“Our mental health suffers if we feel separated, ostracized or lack a sense of belonging.” — Tracy Brower, Forbes, 1 Nov. 2021

Did You Know?

In ancient Greece, citizens whose power or influence threatened the stability of the state could be exiled by a practice called ostracism. Voters would elect to banish another citizen by writing that citizen’s name down on a potsherd. Those receiving enough votes would then be subject to temporary exile from the state. Ostracize originated with the meaning “to exile by the ancient method of ostracism,” but these days it usually refers to the general exclusion of a person from a group at the agreement of its members.