Word of the Day – Milquetoast

Word of the Day : December 8, 2021


noun MILK-tohst

What It Means

milquetoast is a timid, meek, or unassertive person.

// The sales manager is not a milquetoast: when she sees an opportunity to make a lucrative deal, she will seal it.

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“I think if you’re likable, sometimes you are like milquetoast. You don’t necessarily stand for anything. You don’t rub people the wrong way because you have strong opinions….” — Katie Couric, quoted on NPR, 26 Oct. 2021

Did You Know?

Caspar Milquetoast is a comic strip character created in 1924 by cartoonist Harold T. Webster. Beginning a few years after the character’s debut, the term milquetoast came to describe a timid or meek person. Caspar’s last name is fitting because milk toast is a weak, bland concoction of buttered toast served in a dish of warm milk.