Word of The Day – Stola

Word of the Day : January 17, 2022


noun STOH-luh

What It Means

stola is a long, draped robe worn by women of ancient Rome.

// The traditional garment worn by women in ancient Rome was the stola; men wore the corresponding toga.

STOLA in Context

“Lady Liberty is dressed in a free-flowing robe called a stola. Over the stola, she is wearing a cloak called a palla, which is fastened by a clasp on her left shoulder. — Debra Hess, The Statue of Liberty, 2004

Did You Know?

The Roman stola resembles the Greek chiton. It is a long, full robe, generally sleeveless, that hangs nearly to the feet and is girdled around the waist. It falls in either folds or pleats from the shoulders to the girdle, then from the girdle to the floor. It was worn by women, especially matrons, of ancient Rome.