Word of The Day – Winsome

Word of the Day : January 18, 2022


adjective WIN-sum

What It Means

Winsome means “pleasing or cheerful.”

// The interviewers all remarked on the candidate’s winsome personality, which made her stand out among the other qualified job applicants.

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Winsome in Context

“Among the fabled activists who risked their lives and transformed those of many others in the civil rights movement, [Julian Bond] stood out with his smooth patter, winsome charm, and understated glamour.” — Gene Seymour, The New Republic, 1 Mar. 2021

Did You Know?

Winsome comes from Old English wynn, meaning “joy” or “pleasure,” which was altered in spelling to win (with the same meaning). That win is obsolete and is unrelated to today’s win—referring to victory and coming from Old English winnan, “to struggle, suffer, or acquire.” The adjective winning, meaning “tending to please or delight,” as in “a winning smile” or “winning ways,” is believed to be from the victorious win.