Word of the Day – Predilection

Word of the Day : April 1, 2022


noun pred-uh-LEK-shun

What It Means

Predilection is “a natural liking for something” or “a tendency to do or to be attracted to something.”

//The restaurant’s chef has a predilection for creating spicy new dishes.

//The program is geared toward students who have predilections for learning a skilled trade.

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“Full disclosure and some readers may have gleaned this from my predilection for noise and peppered references to tinnitus—I spent more of my formative years in mosh pits than in concert halls. Thus, it only makes sense that I love a power trio.” — Michael Andor Brodeur, The Washington Post, 4 Mar. 2022

Did You Know?

Predilection comes from French prediléction and Latin praediligere, meaning “to love more” or “to prefer.” In Latin, diligere means “to love.”