Word of the Day – Polyglot

Word of the Day : April 19, 2022


adjective PAH-lee-glaht

What It Means

Polyglot means “knowing or using several languages”—that is, “being multilingual.” It can also mean “widely diverse (as in ethnic or cultural origins).”

// The resort has polyglot travelers, and the staff converse comfortably in several languages.

// The city has a polyglot community made up of many cultures.

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POLYGLOT in Context

“Astoria, Queens, is a charming, polyglot, historically rich community known for its … great food and concentration of artistic talent.” — Steve Cuozzo, The New York Post, 28 Feb. 2022

Did You Know?

Polyglot comes from Greek polyglōttos, a combination of poly-, meaning “many” or “multi-,” and glōtta, “language.” Eventually, the word came to describe multilingual diversity.