The Hunger Games

You may have recently seen the film The Hunger Games which has been out at the cinema for a few weeks. However did you know that the film is based around a trilogy of books written by American writer Suzanne Collins?

Exciting, fast-paced and extremely hard to put down, the three Hunger Games books take you on a journey. Follow 16 year old Katniss Everdeen who lives in ‘District 12’ in the ruins of a  post-apocalyptic world called Panem. One boy and one girl from each district must be selected for the annual ‘Hunger Games’ which sees opponents pitted against each other to the death in a reality TV style gameshow.

When Katniss finds that her little sister has been selected to take part, she volunteers to go in her place and finds herself facing death. Follow Katniss as she battles to survive and tries everything to desperately try to get back to the family she loves.

The books have been critically acclaimed by many famous authors including Stephen King, Anthony Horowitz and Stephanie Meyer. (Quotes taken from the book cover)

  • Stephen King “Constant suspense, I couldn’t stop reading!”
  • Anthony Horowitz “One of the best written and most thought-provoking books I’ve read for a long time.”
  • Stephanie Meyer “I was obsessed with this book – the Hunger Games is amazing.”

Available now in the Learning  Centre.

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