Mind Games

By B B Griffith

This is the second in the series featuring Dr Gordon Pope, child psychiatrist.

Cover of the book Mind Games by B.B. Griffith

His patient is twelve year old Sophie West who has a problem with her imaginary friend Mo. Mo is becoming more real everyday, fires are being started, and Sophie’s mother Dianne fears it may be her daughter. In desperation Dianne calls Dr Pope to help Sophie. It becomes a cat and mouse chase to track down the arsonist. Could it be Sophie?  Is Mo real or just a figment of Sophie’s imagination? Mo appears to be playing an increasingly dangerous game .

Dr Pope becomes embroiled in a plot which centres around adolescent mental health issues. A situation that puts not only himself but his new detective girlfriend Dana and her colleague at risk.

This is another easy to read page turner, handling mental health issues with sensitivity. The main characters interact well, their relationships building, giving this second book more substance.