The Sleepwalkers

By B B Griffith

The Sleepwalkers is a relatively short, first in a series novel.

It is an interesting, if a little supernatural, read surrounding the mysteries of sleep and dreaming.

Book cover of the sleepwalkers by B B Griffith

It introduces the character of Gordon Pope a rather dishevelled and down on his luck psychiatrist, who is divorced from his wife and practice partner.

Twelve year old Ethan Barret tries to strangle his friend. He remembers nothing of the incident as he was asleep at the time. Enter Gordon Pope an expert witness on child psychiatry and sleep related matters. He is paid to give evidence for the defence at Ethan’s trial for attempted murder. As Ethan’s dreams and sleepwalking slowly begin to take over so does a race against time to solve the problem and bring Ethan back to his twelve year old self.

Pope’s character works well in the story and I will be interested to see how he evolves in the next book.