Deep Dark Secrets

By Keri Beevis

Nell leaves her violent abusive husband and flees to the guest house she has just inherited from her aunt. The guesthouse stands on the small island of Purity, where Nell left after a tragic incident there when she was a teenager. Her best friend Lizzie Kent was murdered while babysitting, after standing in for Nell.

Book cover for 'Deep dark secrets' by Keri Beevis

It’s clear when she arrives that others don’t want her back. Only her brother Michael and his partner Newt and a very small smattering of friends accept her.

Nell is continually looking over her shoulder as bad things start to happen. Has her abusive husband tracked her down? Is Sam Kent, Lizzie’s brother, trying to scare her? Nell knows he still blames her for his sister’s death.

Nell becomes more and more afraid for herself as she tries to settle into her new life.

This story is full of darkness, envy, secrets, lies and murder. A rollicking good read!

This book grabs you from the start and doesn’t let go. The plot is good and the characters well written.