The Things You Find in Rock Pools

By Gregg Dunnett

Billy is eleven years old and lives with his dad, in a cliff top cottage, on a small island off the coast of America. Billy isn’t quite your ordinary boy, he never quite fits in. He would like to be a marine biologist, or a detective, or maybe both! He always has a scientific project on the go. He doesn’t see eye to eye with his surfer dad.

Book cover for 'The things you find in rock pools'

A young girl, a tourist on vacation, goes missing from the end of season surf club disco. Billy thinks he can solve the case.

It’s an interesting tale told from the perspective of Billy, with his unusual methods of detection.

The pace picks up as his investigation leads him closer to home, and ever closer to danger.

Two mainland detectives are sent to assist, and the story moves between theirs and young Billy’s.

Billy gets a lot wrong along the way, but still ends up being a hero.

This is a detective novel with a difference, the world being a complex place when seen through the eyes of loner Billy.

It’s a story that reels you in and keeps you on the line!